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IMPORTANCE OF HEALTH (An essay on nursing) Name of Student (author) Name of University (affiliation) Introduction The health of everyone is the concern and responsibility of that particular person and is also the responsibility of family members, society, and the government in terms of is formulation and implementation of public health policies.


In the overall scheme of things, a healthy life should be the objective of everybody so each person can attain his or her full potential and enjoy life to the fullest until the very end. Health care today is expensive in most developed countries such as the United States of America because it is mostly performed by private entities which have a profit motive in order to stay in business, while in other countries, their governments have public health programs which are comparable to or even better than those offered in private hospitals and medical institutions. Whether it is private or public, health care is an economic and social issue because of the scarcity in personal or government financial resources. Any day spent in a hospital also marks a day off from work that results in lost productivity; to stay healthy is to be helpful to society at large. However, in any free-market capitalist society in which health care is expensive, there will always be sectors which prove vulnerable to the vagaries and costs of health care insurance. Some members of vulnerable sectors include children, certain groups of men and women, and its senior citizens who may not be able to afford health care and therefore lack access to it. ...
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