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PAYMENT FOR HEALTH SERVICES IN MEXICO (EXECUTIVE SUMMARY) NAME Course Institution Professor Date Institutional arrangements for sufficient, efficient, sustainable and fair financing are a major determinant of the performance of any healthcare system; moreover, due to the technical complexities, political sensitivities and ethical implications, the solution to the main financing challenges faced by health sectors has been hard to pin down (Tracy 2011).


The People’s Insurance, known to the Mexicans as Seguro Popular, was a new public insurance scheme that assured legislated access to comprehensive health care by most of the citizens in Mexico including the ones in the rural areas. Concurrently, in 2009, the swine flu outbreak in Mexico came testing the country’s complex health system as thousands of apprehensive people poured into hospitals and clinics for diagnosis and care. Significantly, the health-care system in Mexico is a collage of developing and frequently confusing services as a hundred and five million people in the country continue to suffer from ailments of the developing world like tuberculosis and malaria, with other emerging maladies such as diabetes being listed by the World Health Organization as the leading cause of death in the country followed by liver and heart disease (Tracy 2011). ...
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