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Statistical Analysis in Nursing

2.Non parametric tests like Chi square tests and Fischer’s test (as used in this study) are used when the sample size is small and does not represent the population in totality and also when the variables are ordinal, nominal and discrete variables( variables which cannot be measured and even if measured cannot be extrapolated to decimal places). Chi square value evaluates the association or independence between the two variables. If the probability value (p value) for null hypothesis for a particular value of chi square exceeds the critical chi square value then it is inferred that the two variables are not independent and the two variables are significantly associated with each other. ...
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Reference of the Study(1) on which the evaluation is based Fisher,K, Orkin,F, and Frazer,C.(2010)Utilizing conjoint analysis to explicate health care decision making by emergency department nurses: a feasibility study. Applied Nursing Research 23 :30–35 1.Objectives and goals of the study The purpose and goal of this study was to test the acceptance of conjoint analysis in studying and evaluating the proxy-decision making process that occurs in the nurses serving the Emergency Department(ED) and in ascertaining their experiences with and the perceptions of caring for people with Intellectual disability (ID)…
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