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Mental Health Practice Development

Within the healthcare practice, critical reflection has been highlighted as a significant and important skill in helping to achieve the necessary standards of professionalism among nurses and midwives (NMC, 2004).  It has also become an important approach in increasing the coverage of continuing health education, work-based learning, as well as life-long education (NMC, 2004).  Due to the increased focus on professional practice as well as education, it has become important to evaluate the reflective practice based on more practical applications, in this case, within the mental health setting.  Dewey (1933) from the very start has identified how reflection is a specialised thinking exercise.  It is an act which can come about due to doubt and hesitation relating to a situation or phenomenon.  Such a situation can also trigger inquiry and problem resolution.  Reflective practice veers individuals away from routine actions, instead, prompting more reflective and thoughtful action.  Such conceptualization begins with experience, highlighting how individuals and practitioners learn by doing and also by practice (Dewey, 1933).  In this case, problems are thought out first, hypotheses are formulated and errors are resolved and prevented with the use of plan actions, as well as the testing out of ideas.  It utilises two themes based on the modules completed, with a focus on change management and clinical leadership. ...
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This paper “Mental Health Practice Development” shall focus on the educator role for nurses in the administration of injections among mental health nurses.  It will also focus on the modules which have been used in this course, highlighting the injection techniques of the nursing workforce. 

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