The Necessity of Patching in Corneal Abrasions

The Necessity of Patching in Corneal Abrasions Essay example
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A Systematic Literature Review of The Necessity of Patching in Corneal Abrasion Name Course EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. Corneal abrasion is a disruption of the integrity of the epithelial or the outermost surface of the cornea and is often caused by the tangential impact from a foreign body on the cornea, or extended contact lens wear or fumes from chemicals that penetrate the eye.


4. This systematic review was conducted for the purpose of reviewing various studies concerning the use of eye patching in actual corneal abrasion cases and establishing the findings as to the actual use of this treatment modality in actual clinical practice. 5. A search in several electronic databases such as Medline and Cochrane, among others, yielded about 52 papers that had some connection to the primary question underlying this review and a further sifting of the materials finally resulted in the selection of 9 papers that fit in with the criteria determined before the actual research. 6. The final materials selected to support this paper included interviews, 13 Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs), 5 meta-analyses and summary reports, 2 surveys and 1 case report. The surveys, however, which are not strictly evidence-based materials were only included as an additional reference of the literature review. 7. All of the papers reviewed, none identified any beneficial effect of the eye patching treatment modality in corneal cases, particularly in the concerns of increasing the rate of healing and reducing the pain level of patients. 8. ...
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