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Title: EARLY YEARS: AN INFANT MENTAL HEALTH Name: Institution: Professor: Course: Date: EARLY YEARS: AN INFANT MENTAL HEALTH (PART 1) In line with the case study which looks at the broader subject of infant mental health, the chapter of the reading with the heading “shaky foundations and their consequence” is critically analyzed for its findings and conclusions.


Meanwhile, there are very important components of attachment that makes it go beyond love (Jones, Prilleltensky & Riemer, 2009). With this said, it will be emphasized that all forms f attachment involves love but not all forms of love involves attachment (Davis & Wallbridge, 2008). The findings of the chapter therefore reviewed that the reason behind most questionable actions that have been showcased by some adolescents and adults such as social withdrawal and cruelty is the direct consequence the absence of secure attachment for these people when they were young (Bion, 2013). According to the attachment theory, there are long term effects on the kind of relationships that exists between people (Purves et al, 2008). More closely to this, secure attachment and bonding principle explains that the relationship’s effect is even more dominant at the very early stages of a person’s life. By combining the ideas of attachment theory to secure attachment bonding therefore, a realization is had that parents hold an innate responsibility to bond and attach well with their babies as a way of building a position life-long effect that will determine the way these children get along with other people and with the world around them (Prior and Glaser, 2006). ...
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