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Assessment of the Child: Functional Health Pattern Analysis Worksheet

The researc alleged that infancy is very significant in individuality progress. He acknowledged many of Freud's assumptions, together with the superego, id, ego, and Freud's theory of childhood sexuality. Erikson was not convinced by the description of personality solely from the basis of sexuality and contrary to Freud, who was an id psychologist he was an ego psychologist. Ericson took the roles in the society and culture to make his argument. Freud on the other hand made his hypothesis from the conflict between id and the superego. He extended the Freudian theory by focusing on the adaptive and creative aspect of ego. He then explained the entire personality development stages across the whole lifespan of a living person. In his theory, he develops five stages until the 19th year and three more after the five stages. He articulates that in adulthood there is still more room to grow throughout one’s lifespan. He rather put more emphasis on the adolescence period maintaining that it was a very crucial part of life. The adolescence period is the shaping stone of someone’s identity. He maintained that the personality is a progress built up from where the preceding stage embracing the epigenic rule. During the stage the infant is attached to the care it is receiving from the parents, particularly the mother. Erickson establishes the child’s oral sensory it heightened as they put everything in the mouth. Communication with an infant should be slow in order to make them have time to get what is relayed. ...
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The paper tells that the childhood groups have the thirst to learn more across all the age groups. The main differences are the preferences at the stages. The need to stick with the same sex in the tender age of 4-6 is more evident while the other group is more latent. …
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