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Name Professor Module Date Nursing Career There are various professions that an individual can engage in, in an attempt to provide services to the community. Nursing is one of the numerous professions, which provides opportunities for a broad array of community oriented occupations.


They have various responsibilities that include executing physical exams, offering health promotions, administering wound care, medications, and other individualized treatments. Other responsibilities include making vital decisions on some actions regarding patients, interpreting patient information, guiding and monitoring care rendered by other health care personnel such as nurse aides (American Nurses Association 2013). Nursing requires well trained professionals with excellent social skills, and extensive knowledge, skills and training in specialized medical fields. There are different levels in the nursing field and they all depend on the program an individual takes. Those who attend community colleges or technical institutes for one to one and a half years qualify as licensed practical nurses. An individual can become a registered nurse by completing the associate degree program, the diploma program, or the Bachelor's degree program (Grice, Tony and James 23). All nursing programs require a secondary school diploma for one to be enrolled. The associate degree limits the career opportunities that an individual can access since they don’t prepare one for administrative or leadership functions. They last for two academic years and are offered by technical institutes, community and junior colleges, private institutions, and some senior colleges and universities. ...
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