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Nursing Career

The researcher states that American Nurses Association defines nursing as a profession, that concentrates on caring for individuals, family members, and the communities at large, with the aim of maintaining, attaining, or recovering quality health. Individuals who work in this profession are called nurses. They have various responsibilities that include executing physical exams, offering health promotions, administering wound care, medications, and other individualized treatments. Other responsibilities include making vital decisions on some actions regarding patients, interpreting patient information, guiding and monitoring care rendered by other health care personnel such as nurse aides. All nursing programs require a secondary school diploma for one to be enrolled. The associate degree limits the career opportunities that an individual can access since they don’t prepare one for administrative or leadership functions. It is then concluded that nurses are in high demand, because of an increasing population of the aging hence heightened health services are required. An increase in people being diagnosed with lifestyle diseases only increases the importance of nurses; therefore, job opportunities are in plenty. Nurses retire at an age of forty to forty five thus providing many opportunities for students leaving nursing schools. The researcher then concludes that there is also a shortage of nurses in various states today, which means that adequate opportunities are available for nurses. ...
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The researcher of this essay discusses the challenges and benefits of the nursing career in the United States of America. Nursing is one of the numerous professions, which provides opportunities today for a broad array of community oriented occupations. …
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