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Nursing education around the globe Student’s Name Grade Course Tutor’s Name (30th, Oct. 2013) Nursing education around the globe Political History and Development of Nursing Education: Comparison of China and Kenya The history of the development of nursing education in both china and Kenya was shaped by the political environments in these countries.


Before then, traditional medication was the only nursing form that was offered, whose education and training was passed over from one generation to the other, through family heredity of the teaching and practices of traditional medicine (Chen, 1996). Nursing education in Kenya started in 1950, though it was conducted through informal in-service training, where the nurses who had come from the UK used to train the Kenyans they were working with in the health facilities, on different aspects of nursing (Mule, 1986). Similarly, the training of nursing in China was through in-service, where the nurses who arrived from America taught the Chinese working in the health facilities on “the Florence Nightingale system of nursing” (Xu, Xu & Zhang, 2000). ...
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