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Decision making in Hospitals Name Institution Date Decision Making in Hospitals Introduction Hospitals constantly need to hire the services of doctors, nurses, or other hospital personnel with the aim of delivering quality health services to the patients. Health care is a highly sensitive and significant part of the community, therefore, hospital personnel need to highly skilled and knowledgeable.


However, the hospital has some preconditions that need to be reexamined to facilitate a smooth recruitment process of the nurses and help retain them in the hospital. The two years medical surgical experience required can be lowered to one year and the nurses can be offered bonuses among other provisions that will enable the hospital attract registered nurses and retain them. As the ICU Nurse Manager, you are required to act with immediate effect in order to address this situation. 1. Steps the ICU Nurse Manager takes to outline a plan to address the issue There are several steps that an individual can take as the ICU Nurse Manager, to outline a plan to address the problems facing the hospital. These include following certain steps that one will take to outline the plan needed to solve this problem. Firstly, one identifies the problem. Secondly, one determines the goals to be met. Thirdly, prepare a plan in order to get a solution. Fourthly, implement the plan. Fifthly, assess the outcome by evaluation (Scholastic Reading Club, 2013). ...
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