Research Proposal sample - New graduate nurses' experiences in their first year of practice in Saudi Arabia

New graduate nurses
Research Proposal
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New Graduate Nursing Experience in Saudi Arabia Name: Institution: NEW GRADUATE NURSING EXPERIENCE IN SAUDI ARABIA RESEARCH PROPOSAL Introduction Saudi Arabia’s health sector underwent a phase of rapid development following the establishment in 1954 of the Ministry of Health…


In the first year, only fifteen male students were admitted to the Health Institute Program for one year (Al-Turki et al, 2010: p215). In later years, female nursing education started after the opening of institute programs for female nurses in Jeddah and Riyadh, which were first used as a curriculum for 5th and 6th grade levels. Saudi Arabia started to accept female students after they completed intermediate school, which saw an extension of the curriculum for three years. The College of Nursing established a BSc. Program in Nursing at Riyadh’s King Saud University in 1976. The BSc. Program requires that only female nurses who have completed 12th grade join the program (Aldossary et al, 2008). This has resulted in almost 90% of all new graduate registered nurses of Saudi origin being female. The workplace environment impacts the nature of nursing practice and outcomes, on recipients and providers. All nurses have the right to be involved in optimal working environment. In addition, every nurse leader also has a duty to transform the working environment to realize the outcomes, uniqueness, and essence of the practice (Mitchell, 2012: p29). Since there is a dearth of knowledge regarding how nurses experience working in Saudi Arabia, the focus of the research study will involve exploration and description of their experiences as they pursue nursing careers in Saudi Arabia. ...
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