Access to Essential Medicines

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The access of essential medicines in Mexico was rated amongst the poor in the period before the introduction of healthcare coverage, considering that essential medicines were not easily accessible, especially to the poor citizens


The issue of accessibility is fundamentally a function of the availability, and the cost of medicine, which then determines how the population within a country is able to access the medicines. In Mexico, the general prices of drugs were higher, compared to many other developed countries (Wirtz, 2008). Compared to France and USA, an individual with an average income was able to purchase more drugs using the salary, than an individual with an equal amount of salary, but residing in Mexico. Availability was yet another factor that affected the access of essential in medicines in Mexico, since the rate of stock-outs for essential drugs was high in this country, especially in the rural areas and other low-income regions (Johnson & Stoskopf, 2010). The public health centers situated in the rural areas and the low-income regions were especially affected by essential medicines stock outs, due to the high number of individuals seeking medical care in these facilities, following the subsidization of the health services in the public health facilities. The other major factor that influenced essential medicines access in Mexico was inequity, with the people from lower income groups spending proportionally much higher in the purchase of essential medicines than those with higher incomes. ...
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