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Leadership behaviour It is often argued that a laissez faire type of leadership is the least effective. Rouse (2009) however implies its existence in modern day nursing. Please discuss this type of leadership as it relates to nursing practice. Introduction: Leadership is the quintessential element of any business management.


The following discussion focuses on understanding the laissez-faire behavioural style of leadership, which is regarded as the least effective form of leadership. Research studies concerning various perspectives and outcomes of laissez-faire style in the nursing and other leadership-intense arenas will be studied and key points will be noted before concluding with key learning points associated with laissez-faire leadership style. Laissez-faire leadership style is one of the styles identified in the behavioural theories of leadership. Grey had defined laissez-faire leaders as those that do not get actively involved with managing their followers, but give freedom to act as they choose (cited Sarantopoulos, 2009; p.15). Marquis and Huston (2009) explain that laissez-faire leaders are usually very liberal and also aloof, which makes the followers feel lost or ignored. These leaders take very little or no control of the situation or task, which further adds to the followers’ confusion. However, these leaders seem to support or encourage only when approached by the followers. Their lack of involvement in providing direction tends to instil a sense of indifference of the followers towards their leader. These leaders’ communication is more often limited to information exchange type of interaction. ...
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