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Family Cultural Values Name Institution Date Family Cultural Values The importance of the 'culture assessment theory' As a melting pot that many indigenous cultures are trying to assimilate into, the United States faces challenges that are uncommon to other nations that have singular cultures.


The cultural assessment theory stresses on the need of incorporating culturally relevant material when addressing treatment options for different patients. The aim of using the cultural assessment theory is to observe and respect their practices and beliefs when determining various treatment options. The cultural assessment theory is of great significance because it allows for information gathered through a cultural assessment to help the medical practitioner to come up with a treatment plan that can be considered by the patient to be culturally responsive. Moreover, this remains an overwhelming task for most medical practitioners as they have to take into consideration all the different cultures that are resident in the United States if this issue is to be addressed adequately. In the cultural assessment theory, the most important thing is to learn about how the patient’s culture interprets the incidence of illness. Demographics Filipino Americans form the second largest group of Asian citizens residing in the United States; with approximately 2 million of them living in the United States. According to Becker (2003) 70% of Filipinos living in the United States were not born there. Filipino Americans live in large intergenerational families with numerous close relatives. ...
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