Measurement, Statistics, and Appraisal

Measurement, Statistics, and Appraisal Assignment example
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Measurement statistics and appraisal Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (12th November, 2013) Measurement statistics and appraisal Introduction Learners especially those in the universities at one time of their studies and work will be called upon to conduct research.


and Marko Margaritoni, a publication of 2010. The research looked at the mental, physical, and social challenges faced by women who have undergone mastectomy. Ideally the issue of breast cancer has been deemed to be a serious healthcare issue particularly to women. Over the years, cases of breast cancer have increased prompting studies aim at understanding the problem (Oluwatosin & Oladepo, 2006). In order to accomplish this task, a number of issues are critically examined including the purpose of the study, protection of human participants, data collection, data analysis, problem statement, and interpretation of findings. Purpose of study The researchers did an excellent job in introducing the study, giving relevant statistics and identifying gaps in research. According to them, little work concerning physical, emotional as well a other effects related to mastectomy has been done in relation to African women especially those living with limited resources, have little education among others. It is against this background that the researchers clearly presented the purpose of the research towards the end of their introduction. ...
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