Registered nurses. Continuing Professional Development: Critical Analysis

Registered nurses. Continuing Professional Development: Critical Analysis Essay example
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Registered nurses are trained professionals who often work directly with patients. As part of providing holistic care to every patient, nurses should protect the patients from harmful effects of having physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual imbalances.


To ensure that each patient is able to receive proper care, all registered nurses are obliged to engage themselves in a continued professional development (CPD) programme (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2010). Whether formal or informal, CPD programmes are designed to allow each health care professional access to education or other related learning activities designed on how they can further improve their nursing competencies and expertise (i.e. formal educational classes, rounds, meetings, symposia, conferences, etc) (Gunn and Goding, 2009). In most cases, the provision of a CPD programme can help nurses improve the service quality they give to each patient. The main purpose of this study is to be able to determine what it takes to be a highly competitive registered nurse based on gathered evidence coming from a wide range of current studies. Based on a self-identified gap in skills and knowledge, strategic ways of how nursing students can effectively transform the required knowledge, skills and competencies into practice will be tackled in detail. Self-Identified Gap Set under the national competency standards and CPD registration standards, I am aware of the 20 hours nursing CPD requirements plus a minimum of 10 hours educational intervention with regard to the endorsement of medicines each year. ...
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