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The Total Patient Care Model of Nursing Delivery Name Institution The Total Patient Care Model of Nursing Delivery Abstract The primary objective of this research paper is to determine if the quality of nursing delivery to patients can be enhanced through the model of total patient care.


The paper describes the model of total patient care in terms of personnel are utilized in its implementation, roles and responsibilities of the personnel, coordination of work, critical relationships and the educational requirements for various personnel involved in the model. The paper will also focus on the effects of costs on the applicability of the model total patient care. Despite being one of the best models of nursing, it is critical for nurses to understand the merits and demerits of the model so that they can minimize the constraints and maximize on its advantages. Key words: nurse, nursing, model, care, patient Introduction Models of nursing care constitute the procedures and structural representations that illustrate the flow of the health care operations (Rivers & Glover, 2008). Models of nursing care support high-quality services that patients receive in the healthcare centres. Models of patient care provide nurses with theories about people, health, patients’ environment, and the role of the nurse in the treatment process. The availability of various models allows nurses to select the care model that best reflects the area of their work and the group in which the client is suited. ...
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