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HIV in Nursing Annotated Bibliography HIV in Nursing Annotated Bibliography Density of Healthcare Providers and Patient Outcomes: Evidence from a Nationally Representative Multi-Site HIV Treatment Program in Uganda Bakanda, C., Birungi, J., Mwesigwa, R., Zhang, W., Hagopian, A., Ford, N.


The study refers to a treatment program available to people with HIV in Uganda. Bakanda et al. (2011) have used data released by the AIDS Support Organization (Bakanda et al. 2011). The site of the above organization in Uganda has collected data addressing a series of issues related to HIV in Uganda, such as: the number of healthcare providers per patient and the number of patients who managed to follow strictly the guidelines of healthcare providers in regard to the HIV treatment program (Bakanda et al. 2011). The above data were used for calculating a range of ratios, such as ‘nurse-patient ratio’ (Bakanda et al. 2011). Bakanda et al. (2011) aim to show that the number of healthcare providers working in this field affects the progress of the treatment provided to people with HIV. It has been proved that there is a close link between the number of healthcare providers involved in the program and the outcomes of the treatment. The particular study is quite important because of the following fact: it highlights the value of healthcare providers, including nurses and medical staff of other duties, in facing HIV. It is assumed that by increasing the number of nurses working on HIV-treatment programs a state can increase its effectiveness in controlling the expansion of HIV across the local population. ...
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