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Palliative Care [Student’s Name] [Institution] Palliative Care The importance of palliative care can never be over expressed regardless of an individual’s culture, age or sex. An individual who is affected by a chronic life threatening illness inevitably experiences a decline in his or her quality of life.


In order for an individual to have a better experience, a holistic approach should be taken by the medical staff. The therapeutic intervention by nurses should address the following parameters; psychosocial, physical, cultural and spiritual. Several studies have been carried out that showed that nurses at times are unaware of the above mentioned parameters and are unable to entirely meet the needs of the patients (Aziz et al., 2012). Nurse Patient Relationship Evidence has been found that at times the patient’s quality of life may continue to deteriorate despite the fact that they have been admitted to palliative services early on in their illness. It was however discovered that the relationship between the nurse and the patient was the determining factor in the improvement of patient’s quality of life. This factor was found to create trust ad better communication between the two individuals (Aziz et al., 2012). The first aspect of palliative care that nurses should address is establishing trust with palliative care patients and their families in order to alleviate and reduce their worries towards the inevitable outcome of their terminal illness. Patients who are suffering from terminal illnesses often present certain symptoms of distress. ...
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