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Abstract Registered nurses past and present are educated at different levels. Healthcare facilities are moving toward Magnet status to obtain certification of facility to present a high level of educated and knowledgeable care to the community serving. Administrative support is needed for the Associate degree nurse as they transition from staff nurse to nursing student.


With the advent of the Magnet Recognition Program® more healthcare facilities are seeking attainment of a higher level of professional nursing practice (ANCC, 2013). The rationale for healthcare facilities in seeking Magnet Status is driven by healthcare institutions wanting to serve the communities with the highest level of care possible in the use of innovative technology and excellence in care. Bargagliotti, West-Sands, Burchum & Selbe, (2002) note that in year 1960s, most nurses were trained at a diploma level, which was a two or three year hospital based nursing program where nursing students learned the basic skills to care for patients in the hospital. In the 1960’s, undergraduate programs were recognized as a path that nursing students should take to function at the professional level of nursing. This system was generally quicker and cost effective to utilize the diploma programs to produce a high functioning nurse to care for the large number of patients (Donley & Flaherty, 2008; Nelson, 2002). The diploma programs were the first to be extinguished from the education framework as the profession moved into the ADN and BSN programs of study (Donley & Flaherty, 2008 & Nelson, 2002). ...
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