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The Communications Dilemma Name Institution Date Introduction Internal communication refers to all forms of communications that occur within an organization. This function has become extremely important especially because organizations have realized its significance in maintaining fruitful relationships with employees as a means to retain and enhance the best talent.


It involves an effective system in which employees can get the information they need (Smith & Mounter, 2008). Communication is an adhesive force that should hold an organization together. Without communication, an organization would be just a collection of disconnected employees working in different directions. Miami Memorial Hospital has a huge problem due to internal communication problems. The new head of the hospital has created many enemies among the employees. As much as even his supporters agree that he came into the hospital during tough times, everyone agrees that he has a communication problem. During his first six months, Dr, Smith has made various changes to which most of the employees disagree. Examples include retrenchment of 50 employees and demoting two long term care workers. He also fired the manager in charge of education and training and a popular leader who had been in the hospital for eighteen years. The rankings of employees sows that a majority of them are very dissatisfied and have no motivation. They feel that Dr. Smith does not recognize them, are afraid of questioning Dr. Smith’s decisions and use of resources. This paper will analyze the case and recommend an effective solution to the communication process at Miami Memorial Hospital. ...
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