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Health Assessment Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Health Assessment Assessing the health status of a client is the first step towards recovery. Hence, it is the mandate of every health professional to do it right. Lindh (2010) defines chief complaint as the chief reason that causes a patient to seek medical attention.


The assessment leads to the main problem. I introduced myself to my client and asked how I may help him. The man stated that the main reason for coming to hospital was because lately he was experiencing frequent earache. In health assessment, collecting subjective and objective data is of paramount importance. These two stages form a good basis for diagnosis hence if not accurately done will lead to improper diagnosis. Weber and Kelley (2009), simply define subjective data as the client’s perception about his health. That is, this kind of data can only be verified by the client, thus, the nurse must be equipped with effective interviewing skills. To get this, the health officer has to enquire about the client’s past health history, family history, and health and lifestyle practices. In addition, get biographical data like name and occupation; physical symptoms related to the ears and cultural practices. This is because some medical conditions like cancer may be passed down the family tree. Past health history helps in knowing how long the client has suffered from the disease or whether the complication is a new development. The client may also be engaging in a lifestyle or occupation that puts his health at risk. ...
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