Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice

Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice Essay example
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The concept applied in clinical practice is confidentiality. It is an essential element in clinical practice because all aspects of participation of the patient and medical practitioner revolve around confidentiality and consent.


The reliability of information and data is an important keystone to good medical practices. In most cases, patients are content with undergoing clinical tests as long as they can entrust confidential information and data to medical professionals. The distinguishing feature of clinical practice is that most of the information affects patients and their family members (Pinch, 2000). Therefore, the principles of data protection and confidentiality are crucial in the provision of services within the healthcare sector. This also gives the patient assurance that the clinical practitioner can reassure privacy. It is vital to note that this is not always assured in the clinical context where results of a clinical test may provide information about the patient and their family members. For instance in genetics, the results of a clinical test provides information about the patient and his family members. As the scope of clinical trials and practice increases, it is paramount for the clinical practitioner to ensure that information is managed in a proper manner. The management of clinical information may present challenges to healthcare professional and patients. Patients expect clinical professionals to access their medical information, and use their clinical experience and expertise to interpret the information and data in order to provide appropriate medical advice (Brown & Stobart, 2008). The information used in the clinical context may be private and personal. ...
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