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Country with High Mortality Rates Name: Institutional Affiliation: Tutor: Date: Country with High Mortality Rates 1. Introduction: Malawi was chosen for this study due to the currently public health services that the Government health institutions provide as free.


Eventually, the introduction of the health insurance among the employees for most formal sectors is also explored (Malawi. Ministry of Economic Planning and Development. 2004). Coupled with such efforts, there will be reforms aiming at the improvement of the application of the financial resources through the improvement of locative and technical efficiencies. Documentation of sources of health financing (in terms of external, government cooperation and funding, firms as well as households) including their contribution to the total health spending is rather separate from the private and public health expenditures through the financing agents (MOH and NGOs) (Rosner, Leppert, Degens & Ouedraogo, 2012). There is a distinguishing factor between capital and recurrent expenditure through the provision of thorough breakdown based on the major line items of salaries and drugs maintenance. 2. Location/Geography Below is a summary of the physical environment of Malawi: the percentage of irrigated cropland land in Malawi is 0.0%; the percentage of arable land (in 2009) is 38.2% while the percentage of the forest area to the land area (in 2010) was 34.3%. malawi’s land area as at 2010 as at 94,280.0 square kilometers. ...
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