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Allocation of Health Resources Author Institution Allocation of Health Resources Strategic management is a branch of management that deals with the formulation and implementation of decisions in an organization. It defines the goals and objectives of all the projects undertaken by the organization.


Strategy is the action plan formulated to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. The outcomes of a project are the end results which may include increased sales revenue or increase in customer base. A project is described by its uniqueness, uncertainty and lifecycle which are temporary in nature. Organizational culture is the patterned values, customs and beliefs that are shared by members of an organization. This essay explores on the topic of allocation of health resources and ethics that support the program. Health institutions have experienced many challenges in the management of available resources. One of the major drawbacks in health care management is inadequate nurses. Pregnancy infections have accounted for 2% - 3% of all the birth defects worldwide. The effects of pregnancy infections among women vary with the age bracket (McKie, 1998). Among the birth defects reported by medical practitioners, not all of them are screened during the prenatal care. This poses a great challenge in the treatment of defects in the future when the child is born. The defects are a potential threat to the unborn child if it is not well attended. Health workers should encourage women to go for prenatal checkups of any pregnancy infections. Both rural and urban health care centers are faced by these challenges. ...
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