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Research Paper example - Richard-Campbell Sleep Questionnaire Instrument Critique

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Research Paper
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The Richards-Campbell Sleep Questionnaire is a validated instrument used in surveys for taking measurements of sleep quality in patients who are in intensive care. While it can be completed by both nurses and patients, the Richard-Campbell Sleep Questionnaire’s agreement and inter-reliability between the two have not yet been validated…

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In the development of the instrument, studies describing critically ill patients’ patterns of sleep were used as a theoretical basis for various items incorporated into the instrument. The instrument was validated against the polysomnograph and found to be an improvement in measuring sleep quality for patients in intensive care (Richards et al, 2000).
As currently used, the Richard-Campbell Sleep Questionnaire reflects five items that are used for measuring sleep quality in ICU patients. These are the depth of sleep, ability to fall asleep, number of times the patients wake up, percentage of the time the patients are awake, and the overall sleep quality of the patients (Richards et al, 2000). The Richard-Campbell Sleep Questionnaire, on top of these five items, also includes a rating for noise during the nighttime, which are scored using a visual analogue scale. The five scores for the Richard-Campbell Sleep Questionnaire is averaged, and the mean score used in determining sleep quality. Night shift nurses are required to complete the Richard-Campbell Sleep Questionnaire with regards to the sleep quality of their patients overnight, while the patients also fill in the Richard-Campbell Sleep Questionnaire after they wake up. The instrument was modified to measure how many awakenings the patient had during their sleep in order to differentiate between patients who woke up frequently and those who did not wake up during their sleep. ...
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