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Leadership and Nursing Systems Management Name: Institution: LEADERSHIP AND NURSING SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT Introduction The essential role of nursing leaders has to do with guiding their organizations towards accomplishment of their goals. The nursing organization exists for a particular objective or purpose, which is to provide quality patient care, and the leaders possess the responsibility for using and combining resources within the nursing organization to ensure that the purposes of the organization are achieved (Forman, 2011).


Therefore, they should strive to encourage individual activity that meets the values and mission of the organization, while also preventing activity that could lead to hindrance in meeting these objectives (Forman, 2011). Therefore, the main purpose of nursing leaders is to ensure that the goals of the organization are kept in mind at all times. The purpose of this paper is to discuss how nursing leadership theory, organization structure, and mission and values of a nursing facility are used during patient care, as well as in the satisfaction of staff. Leadership Theory In the nursing facility, transformational leadership is able to merge the different ideals between the followers and the leader. Its main focus involves uniting the leader and the nurses in their pursuit of the greater good, while also encouraging the other nurses to exercise their leadership qualities (Swansburg, 2012). ...
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