Critical Professional Biography

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: 1. Introduction My professional biography is a less formal version of my professional information that would usually appear in my curriculum vitae, and it will highlight some of my interesting facts as well as a little of my personality.


My biography will detail the factors that influenced my decision to become a nurse, my studying experience, my foundational achievements, and the general experience after my graduation and how it has affected my life. This will enable me to critically examine my professional needs, weaknesses, and strengths, which will help in correcting any mistakes and improving on my strong areas (Kelly 394). I grew up in a caring family where all family members took care of each other regardless of their age. Furthermore, all members of my community collaborated in many activities, and the emotional attachment made sure that I felt other people’s happiness or sadness. Cultural values are the enduring belief systems that a society commits to. My culture adopted a collectivistic approach where personal loyalty to the community exceeded individual rights. This entailed that even health decisions were made by the family or the community (Ludwick and Silva). In addition, when I was 14 years old, a close family friend was involved in a serious car accident and was admitted in a hospital. I would visit him quite often, and I had the opportunity to observe while the nurses were taking care of him. I was impressed with keenness, kindness and caring that the nurses exhibited while performing their duties. Unlike other physicians that only spent a few minutes with the patients when they got to do their rounds, the nurses spent most of their time around the patients. ...
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