Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity

Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Essay example
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Running head: Running Head: Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Tutor’s Name 09 December 2013 Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Introduction There are various faiths and religions in the world, including the major two - Christianity and Islam.


This paper therefore will discuss three different religions, which include Sikh, Buddhism, and Baha’i in relation to health care provision diversity. In addition, the paper will provide different philosophies that these three religions and faiths use in order to provide services to their members. Besides, the paper will discuss and compare these three faiths with the Christianity as a religion (Berkowitz & Schewe, 2011). Sikh faith and religion Sikh faith is a monotheistic religion that was founded in the earl 15th century in a place called Punjab in Indian countries by Guru Nanak. Currently, there are about ten Gurus in the world. According to this faith, there are some beliefs that its members and followers must follow, one of them being compulsorily putting on and wearing of veil by all women who are members of this faith. In addition, this religion does not allow its followers to cut their hairs. Taking drugs such as alcohol and smoking are prohibited according to the faith and norms of the Sikh religion. Although the Punjab may take bhang for medication reasons, the followers of the religion are not allowed to take any intoxicant substances. ...
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