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Diabetes Miami, Florida and Westchester Name Institutional Affiliations Diabetes Miami, Florida and Westchester Presently, diabetes imposes a large economic burden on national healthcare system. About 95% of countries are today reporting the impact of diabetes on their families.


Conversely, it is reported that by the end of this decade, diabetes will likely to affect 30% of the Americans adult, which is around 40 million people. This will cause the human cost as well as, economic consequences to be substantial. Diabetes is a chronic condition, which is associated with unusually high levels of sugar in the blood (Braithwaite & Taylor, 2001). Research has shown that among the United States residents aged between 65 years and older have diabetes whereas 220,000 people aged 20 years are also affected by the disease. Today, Florida ranks in top 10 of states with high diabetes rates. Most health experts reported that the United States is facing an increase in the number of people with diabetes. In 1996, the 1.4 million to 4 million of people were diagnosed with diabetes in states such as Florida and Miami. Today, the figure is increasing at an alarming rate, and it confirms that diabetes has become one of the challenges facing the U.S today. High diabetes rates in Florida have become one of the disturbing issues among most communities (Silink, Kida & Rosenbloom, 2003). The study shows that the Florida’s rate of diabetes is currently outpacing its fat score as a result of increase in its population and it is more culturally diverse as compared to other states in the U.S. ...
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