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Changing to Bedside Shift Reporting in the Gynecological Unit Name: Institution: CHANGING TO BEDSIDE SHIFT REPORTING GYNECOLOGICAL UNIT Background Leadership Theory of Organization At Highland Hospital, the leadership theory used is transformational leadership, which gains added importance during the change to bedside shift reporting.


The nursing staff from the bedside and on up have the capability to make decisions. The hospital’s transformational leaders, via the strength of their personality and vision, have the ability to inspire their followers to change motivations, perceptions, and expectations in order to work towards common objectives (Tomey, 2009). Transformational leadership at Highland Hospital requires that the nursing leaders have clinical knowledge, influence, vision, and strong expertise in professional nursing practice in order for the other nurses to follow them. The transformational leader’s key components are strategic planning, influence and advocacy, and communication, accessibility, and visibility of the leader. Organizational Structure With Highland Hospital holding the lives of patients in their hands, there is a need for them to function precisely in the execution of high quality services at all times. Highland Hospital, therefore, has a vertical organization structure that has numerous management levels with a majority of the nurses involved in low authority, narrow, and specific roles. These different levels are designed in order to ensure that mistakes in one unit, or innovations that are being tried in one unit, cannot hold back the entire hospital in case of emergencies or failure (Tomey, 2009). ...
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