strategies to increase teamwork among nurses

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Strategies to increase teamwork among nurses Name: Institution: Introduction Teamwork refers to an operational strategy in which the employees in an organization undertake her tasks collectively thereby improving the efficiency and rate of service delivery.


Nurses just as any other category of human resource requires appropriate motivation in order to encourage productivity. Nurses are important in improving the quality and fidelity of medical services (Mu?ller, 2010). The fact that they interact with humans makes their services vital for the growth and sustenance off the society. This implies that they require appropriate management in order to encourage productivity thus the improvement of the quality of health services. Key among the motivational factors employable to nurses is teamwork as discussed in the essay below. Teamwork is a scenario in which all the employees works as a completely unified entity, in situations where people work as a team, every individual undertakes specific tasks that complements the work of the other. This way, the entire organization becomes a system in which the efforts of every individual results in the unified good and efficient service delivery. Depending on the size of a health facility, the number of nurses would vary. However, the teamwork concept would help develop a formidable and efficient team of nurses who deliver high quality services to their patients. This makes teamwork an essential asset to managers of health facilities. By developing such a staff, a manger rests assured of an efficiently functioning heath facility as every nurse would complete their assignment in time and show concern for each other in the organization. ...
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