Conducting the Written Evidence - Based Proposal (Final)

Conducting the Written Evidence - Based Proposal (Final) Research Paper example
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Burnout amongst Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses Natasha Gooden Professional Research Project NRS-441V November, 17 2013 Abstract The term “Burnout” was first used in 1974 to describe how staff reacted to ongoing stressful situations in jobs that dealt with multiple direct interactions with other people (Hanrahan, 2010).


This paper explores the challenges associated with psychiatric mental health nursing and the burnout associated with this filed of work. Introduction As a mental health psychiatric nurse, I realized that one key issues in my area is rapid nurse burnout. Mental health nurses suffer from burnout much sooner than those in other nursing fields of care (Breen, 2013). Burnout is associated with the increasing shortage of nurses, trends leaning towards more community care, and the elimination of numerous mental health care hospitals and facilities. The above problems have created a stressful work environment causing nurses to be forced to attempt to provide high quality care to the ever increasing number of patient load while at the same time recording a decrease in resources (Hanrahan,2010). Mental heal nurses have additional stressors, some of which include the large emotional demand of taking care of patients with complex and challenging violent related issues. Overcrowding of acute care settings along with the nurse to patient ratios add to the stress that nurses have to content with. This makes the working environment unsafe for the operation of nurses. Undesputedly, an enabling work environment is in itself motivational to new qualified nurses. ...
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