ethical principles in end of life care - The liverpool care pathway

ethical principles in end of life care - The liverpool care pathway Essay example
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Liverpool Care Pathway Introduction Over the past twenty years since its implementation, the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) for the dying has become one of the most disputed management of care in the modern times. As such, there has been an increased interest in the media and public discussions which have undoubtedly raised serious questions about its efficacy in providing high quality care for the dying patient.


On the contrary, other sources including that of the Health Minister Jeremy Hunt who describes it as “a fantastic step forward” (Donnelly, 2013) still maintain their favour believing that the pathway is playing its intended role of ensuring that people are treated in dignity, compassion and comfort during their last days of life instead of enduring invasive and life prolonging treatments (Randall and Downie, 2010, p.91). As a result of these controversies, the government ordered an independent review in 2012 chaired by Baroness Neuberger. The review finding recommends the Liverpool Care Pathway to be phased out and be replaced by a personalised end of life care plan that takes good care of the life of a patient who is facing imminent death (Department of Health, 2013). The LCP has clearly set the stage for ethical and legal controversies about patients, family rights and the role of the medical professions (Glare and Christakis 2008, p. 429). Replacing the LCP to a personalised end of life care plan may not resolve the controversies if the same transgressions persist. ...
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