Theoretical models of leadership and personal reflection

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Theoretical models of leadership and personal reflection BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Theoretical models of leadership and personal reflection There are three distinct styles of leadership that will dictate the level of interactivity with health care employees, the structure of rewards systems established based on employee performance, or whether the leader seeks to become a role model or coach for nurses individually or in groups.


This paper describes the theoretical concepts of the aforementioned styles of leadership with emphasis on definitions and practices associated with each leadership system or activity. After providing knowledge of the theoretical applications of transactional, transformational and laissez-faire leadership and its relevancy to nursing and organisation, focus on real-world, personal attributes identified through research are described and summarily compared to the various theories of leadership. This paper consists of personal reflection of practice and the importance of leadership as it compares to actual nursing experience. The learning outcome is to identify personal strengths and weaknesses in practice and reflect on development as it pertains to leadership theory and best practice to improve nursing leadership skills. ...
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