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Theoretical Models of Leadership and Personal Reflection

According to the report findings the ideological goal of transformational style is to build long-term trust with health care employees individually or in groups, using practice in-line with a more people-centred leader. However, actual practice in nursing might dictate an incremental trust-building exercise to achieve long-term relationship growth. Legitimate relationships are developed over time, beginning with small-scale acts and evolving into reciprocal acts with both employee and the leader. Trust is developed at the point in relationship where both leader and employee assume responsibility for development and growth in relationship by showing high affection and respect for one another through these acts.As the paper discusses transformational leadership utilises collaborative methodologies in order to inspire commitment and motivation toward achievement of organisational goals, an idealized influence of role modelled behaviour that also seeks to inspire creativity and innovation in employees. Transactional leadership is a significantly different approach to leadership in which the manager creates contingent rewards that are based on individual employee or group performance. This style includes the development of a psychological contract where the leader promises acknowledgement for proper performance or guarantees of leader non-intervention so long as work performance outputs are meeting expected organisational goals. Clear task discussion between leader and health care employee leads to understanding of expected rewards in transactional leadership. ...
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This paper describes the theoretical concepts of the aforementioned styles of leadership with emphasis on definitions and practices associated with each leadership system or activity. This paper consists of personal reflection of practice of leadership as it compares to actual nursing experience…
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