Utilizing Magnet hospital characteristics to foster nursing empowerment and reduce levels of burnout and job dissatisfaction

Utilizing Magnet hospital characteristics to foster nursing empowerment and reduce levels of burnout and job dissatisfaction Research Proposal example
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Magnet Hospital Characteristics Research Proposal Name Institution Magnet Hospital Characteristics Introduction The value of magnet hospital characteristics in the empowering of the nursing fraternity, reducing the levels of burnout and job dissatisfaction is a subject that receives scant consideration in nursing research…


The situations are further complicated by the fact that some policy factors expressly put obstacles on the path of empowerment of the nurses. In many institutions, the role of nurses is structured in such a way that they remain subordinate to the doctors (Earie & Denny, 2005). The working relationship between the nurses and the doctors is such that the nurses are refrained from engaging fully even in some of the process in which they have sufficient competence. In essence, the nurses are systematically deprived of the sense of autonomy. Further, they are not allowed access to vital systems and information that might be of use in the execution of their duties. Many hospitals also fail to allow nurses sufficient opportunities for skill development (Earie & Denny, 2005). Neither are they allowed to play active roles in the decision-making processes at the hospitals. Few health facilities allow the nurses the opportunity to serve among the executive levels. The situation is made even more complex by the fact that many healthcare institutions have staffing challenges, which means that the nurses are constantly under pressure because of the enormous work load (Earie & Denny, 2005). ...
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