The Friedman Family Assessment Model

The Friedman Family Assessment Model Essay example
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Family health requires nursing interventions that influence the family assessment by health care providers. Friedman developed an assessment model that helps nurses collect family information necessary for determining family health.


The Friedman Family Assessment Model is a simple tool that can be applied to different categories of families. It helps nurses and family members to work together to ensure the successful adaptation of health responses by family members.
The family represents the primary social group and influences or is influenced by other institutions and people in the society. Each family has culturally related health beliefs and values that influence the family structure, health-seeking behavior, and relationships with health providers. These factors affect the state of both maternal and child health. The family is viewed as a system within a larger social framework, and each family belonging to this framework employs a different approach to health care provision. Every family acts as a support system for its members and transmits fundamental elements of culture to every member. Some of these beliefs and structures may provide challenges or barriers to types of health provisions and treatments.
Different types of families exist in modern society, and every member has a predefined role primarily determined by cultural beliefs. Family types include nuclear, extended, binuclear, single-parent, reconstituted, and homosexual families. Friedman (2003) describes the following family functions: reproductive, pertaining to socialization, affective, economic, and health care functions. ...
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