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Incident of Obesity in San Joaquin Community Name Institution Module Incident of Obesity in San Joaquin Community One of the major health issues affecting Americans these days is the obesity epidemic. America has seen a large increase in its obesity rates over the past thirty years, thus becoming one of the biggest health crises the country has faced.


This paper will examine the incident of obesity in San Joaquin Community by showing differences in the obesity rate between women and men aged thirty to forty years old, the frequency of sport practiced, physical activity and sedentariness. According to the United States Census Bureau reports, San Joaquin city community had a population of four thousand and one people in 2010. The population of men and women between the ages of thirty to forty years is six hundred and there are a hundred and three men for every one hundred women. The education level of most people in San Joaquin city community is low with less than three percent of the people bearing Bachelor’s degrees. Less than fifty percent of the population has their high school degrees thus resulting to high poverty levels. This has translated to low income with forty percent of the adults living in food insecure households. Most of the residents prepare low cost food, which is usually characterized by high fat, sugar and salt content to provide them with more satisfaction while they spend less. This is aggravated by the fact that most people do not have fruits and healthy dairy products in their diets, thus being prone to obesity. ...
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