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Risk Management Paper Introduction The risk management issue under review by my facility is hospital acquired infections or nosocomial infections. It is defined as any infection obtained from a health institution that is separate and distinct from the one for which the patient was admitted.


The institution has a bed capacity of 112 and a home care program. Currently, MedWest has identified catheter associated urinary infections as their most significant hospital acquired infection even though other infections are also under review. Steps that have been put in place to address the issue The hospice has dealt with this problem by first tackling patient identification. Samples and specimens from and for patients must be labeled correctly. This ensures that if they are eligible for blood transfusions, they get the correct ones. Furthermore, identification is done in the patient’s presence in order to ensure accuracy. MedWest Haywood also has a communication policy for caregivers. This means that test results and other documentations must be delivered to the right medical personnel within the appropriate time. Furthermore documentation of that communication ought to be recorded. The institution has also established a standardized communication format that members of the institution are supposed to follow. These formats include SBAR and Ticket Ride (MedWest Carolinas Health Care, 2011). Aside from communication and patient labeling, the company has also worked on medicine administration. MedWest has procedures for labeling all medications. Persons under anticoagulant therapy are more likely than others to be harmed. ...
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