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Community Project that is Hand Washing Education from Kindergarten to 3rd Grade - Term Paper Example

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Community Project that is Hand Washing Education from Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

This paper stresses that the hand-washing education program can be considered to be one of the foremost exercises for the kindergarten children to keep them away from the adverse affects of bacterial and other infectious diseases. With this concern, the program will be beneficial for this segment within the Carroll community in order to educate them towards fighting against the germs which are hidden in the skin. The hands are measured to be one of the major carriers of various types of germs from other person or environment to the body. Hands can pick up microorganism from objects that are touched by other persons which might create a vulnerable condition for the human body. Therefore, an appropriate process of hand-washing can be highly considered to be necessary in order to prevent various types of germs that are transferred from the environment or any other subjects.
This report makes a conclusion that the hand-washing education program for the kindergarten to grade 3 children can also be considered as one of the major steps for communicating the significance of hand-washing along with the other major issues that might get prompted due to non-washing or inappropriate washing of hands. However, it is also important to address a standard health need along with an effective support of the stakeholders in terms of conducting hand-washing education program for any community. ...
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The discussion will encompass the importance and significance of hand-washing exercises which are considered to be quite effective for the preschool children for the reason of preventing or avoiding germs which may cause various communicable diseases. …
Author : isadorekilback

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