Community Project that is handwashing education from kindergarden to 3rd grade

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Community Project that is Hand Washing Education from Kindergarten to 3rd Grade Introduction Hands are the primary source of conveying diseases from one to another. With due consideration to preventing germs and other communicable diseases, an effective and appropriate hand washing activity is considered to be the only way to stay away from a large number of physical ailments.


Moreover, an increasing number of diseases were recorded within the adults as well as children. Therefore, this particular situation was turning into one of the challenging scenarios for this community in terms of maintaining awareness related to healthcare issues in order to reduce them among the people. The community involves quite significant numbers of educational institutions which provides physical awareness education along within their academic programs to the children of kindergarten to grade 3. Moreover, the government and other non government organizations are also learnt to be playing a crucial part regarding the increasing issue of various healthcare activities within the community (Moving Ideas, 2012). The study intends to focus on highlighting the major importance of hand-washing for the kindergarten to grade 3 children within the Carroll community. With regard to the aspect of hand wash for the preschool to grade 3 children, the study will also focus on various vulnerable diseases which might occur due to the lack of proper hand-washing practices. ...
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