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PROPIONIC ACIDEMIA - Research Paper Example

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Propionic Acidemia Name Institution Date Abstract Propionic acidemia is a hereditary disorder that affects the breakdown of proteins and fats in the body. The major symptoms of the condition include lack of energy, poor feeding, vomiting, loss of appetite and hypotonia…

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The condition is hereditary is prenatal diagnosis can help in effective management of the condition. This paper gives a detailed analysis of the condition. Keywords: Propionic Acidemia, prevalence, diagnosis Propionic Acidemia Introduction This essay discusses propionic acidemia, a hereditary disorder in which one’s body is incapable of processing specific lipids or fats and proteins. It is known as an organic acid condition that results in the abnormal accumulation of certain acids that are commonly referred to as organic acids. Irregular organic acids level in the blood (organic acidemai), tissue and urine (organic acidurai) can be highly toxic and lead to severe health complications (Vara eta l., 2011). On numerous occasions, the disorder manifests itself a few months after birth. The first symptoms of the condition include lack of energy, poor feeding, vomiting, loss of appetite and hypotonia. These symptoms can lead to serious medical complications at an advanced stage including seizures, coma, heart problems and death in the worst case. On rare occasions, the signs and symptoms of the condition may be present during childhood and go in future. Some of the patients experience delayed development and intellectual disability. ...
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