Mental health (a patient with bipolar who had a three years old baby)

Mental health (a patient with bipolar who had a three years old baby) Essay example
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Bipolar disorder: Symptoms, Treatment and Post Treatment Care: A case Study Introduction In the modern world, as the science is developing day by day there are various new innovations in the medical science to fight different critical disease. As the time moves on, medical science is now able to develop lots of advance mechanism to combat various diseases-starting from identifying disease, developing proper treatment process followed by the recovery and post treatment care.


As par the report published in the MNT Knowledge Centre (2013), Bipolar disorder can be define as one kind of mental disorder which is associated with extreme change of mood of the patient along with fluctuation in the energy and activity levels. According to this report, bipolar disorder is one of the most severe mental illnesses which often destroy relationship, affect carrier perspective, and also affect the academics of the patient. Bipolar disorder sometime destroys family structure as well. A patient affected by this bipolar disorder often considers it very difficult to complete its day to day normal work. The research regarding this disease pointed out the fact that people affected from this disease sometimes also suffer from some other more common diseases as well like asthma, high blood pressure, etc. which sometimes make it more difficult for the doctors to carry out the treatment. The disease like bipolar disorder not only need proper medical attention but also need proper care, mental support from the close family member to get over the mental block that they used to be in. ...
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