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Nursing proposal/business plan Essay example
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Name Tutor Course College Date Executive summary For a long time, the University Hospital of Miami was able to effectively use Health as an effective system to be used. The system has always been divided into two main parts and all the parts have been known to function well.


The proposed new system which is Metavision for critical care is expected to be purchased at a local software shop and then after that it is to be put into place. The proposed new system is also expected to come with good maintenance responsibility. System analysis and design is needed for this particular project to ensure that the entire proposed project is viable and that it can be economically viable. In this paper, the disadvantages of the current system I am looked into and how the proposed system will be effective in solving these failures of the current system. The economic impact is also included in this proposal with tables and graphs that show how the costs and benefits of Metavision for critical care will have an effect on the company Introduction The university of Miami hospital located in Miami, Florida ,has drastically changed the face of south Florida into an ultra modern health center ,the hospital acquired the cedars medical center to expand on its facilities in the year 2007,the hospital with a facility to accommodate 560 beds hence emerged to become the first university in the region to have acute care, multi-specialty ,owned hospital and facility flagship of UHEALTH- University of Miami health system. This system that is currently in use at the hospital has a lot of disadvantages key of them being that it is not user friendly. ...
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