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Looking at the health promotion strategy regarding asthma awareness in Australia, there are different programs throughout the country. In this respect the three programs chosen for analysis are: Asthma Child and Adolescent Program (ACAP), Asthma Community Support Program (ACSP), and Asthma Awareness Program (AAP).


First of all, each program should be described for the sake of clarity and specific goals thereof. In this vein, ACAP is well based on the provision of proper information on the issue and the way of emergency training (Asthma Australia, 2011). The main objective is to implement educational standards applied to the healthcare in the country. It is vital to note that the main parties concerning ACAP are education staff, parents, and adolescents (Asthma Australia, 2011). Thus, it is aimed at providing children with ultimate care so as to make sure their attitudes will be loyal toward the program itself. Triggered in November 2009, the program is advantageous for training more than 148 104 staff in schools and preschools providing 7 514 1 hour Asthma Australia training sessions across Australia (Asthma Australia, 2011). Thus, the program is aimed at making education staff aware of the problem itself and safety options required for keeping up a good job with children with asthma accordingly. Moreover, it is valuable in a hospital setting, involving children into a friendly atmosphere of understanding and counseling on the part of adults. Moreover, keeping in mind the fact that the rate of asthma prevalence in Australia is one of the highest in the world, the annual costs varies from $500 million to $1 billion (Mulberg, Silber, & Anker, 2010, p. 25). ...
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