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Admission/Application Essay
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We live in a world of a rapidly aging population and a constantly evolving world of illness. Everyday, thousands of Americans end up being admitted to patient care facilities all over the United States. But the manpower required to care for these patients in a loving, holistic, and healing manner is quite wanting and lacking.


The lack of qualified American nurses has proven to be an almost insurmountable problem as our hospitals continue to hire non-Americans in order to fill in the work force. These people do not understand the American way of life and society as an American would. These are the nurses who have lowered the standards of nursing care in America today. That is what I want to change, these are the reasons why I have decided to become a nurse. There are many people who choose to become nurses because of the big money that they know can be made from the profession. But a nurse without a heart is not a good nurse. I believe that I was born to become a nurse because of my compassionate nature and loving character. Traits that I believe can help me become a future leader in the field of nursing. You see, in 3 or 5 years, I see myself as finally becoming an administrative nurse with my own staff to supervise. This is a career plan that I created for myself with the vision of helping to raise the standards of the nursing profession in our country. I realize it is a tall order to fill but it is one that I am willing to undertake because of my past experience in the nursing field. Well, technically, the experience that I had in the past was actually in the dental field as an assistant but I believe that it could qualify as an experience that helped direct me towards a nursing career. ...
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