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Research proosal on ASTHMA Research Proposal example
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Access to Healthcare among Asthmatic Children: Looking at Parental Role in the Culture Factor Abstract The study proposes to ascertain the beliefs and perceptions of parents of asthmatic children four years and younger with respect to their beliefs and perceptions about healthcare access, compliance with medical regimen and adherence to treatment interventions for the management of asthma.


The descriptive-quantitative research methodology will be adopted using the survey questionnaire as the primary data gathering instrument. Parent – respondents will be selected using purposive sampling and will involve a minimum of 200 respondents determined using post-hoc statistical power analysis. Both descriptive and inferential measures will be utilized in the statistical treatment of the data gathered. SPSS Version 17 will be used in the statistical analysis of data. Introduction Background of the Study The comprehensive health reform legislation known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010 was signed into law to expand healthcare coverage and cost and enhance the delivery of health care in the United States. Reporting on the feedback from Spanish media, Nix and Adair (2010) articulated that President Barack Obama championed the law to reassure that minorities in the US can avail of access to health care services by way of between coverage options. The PPACA may well one improvement that Mensah and Glover (2007) believe to be possible in the American healthcare setting characterized with a history of pervasive disparities in health status and health care delivery for the last two centuries. ...
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