Reflective case study on the movie a beautiful mind

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A BEAUTIFUL MIND NAME PROFESSOR Synopsis of the movie In the year 1947, John Nash reports to Princeton University. Together with Martin Hansen, he is a co-recipient of the Carnegie scholarship, a prestigious Mathematics prize for top brains in mathematics.


He does not publish and claims that until he finds for himself an original idea, he would not do so. He and fellow graduate students visit a bar to approach a group of women. His inspiration comes from here. Though Hansen proposes that every individual should make their individual approach, Nash opposes this idea and argues that each one would have better chances of success when they adopt a collective approach. Through this, he conceives the idea of ‘governing dynamics’ which he then publishes. Following this success, an opportunity for an appointment to MIT arises where Sol and Bender accompany him. Years later, Nash gets an invitation to the pentagon to unveil an encrypted enemy telecommunication. Unlike other code breakers, Nash breaks the code mentally. This astonishes everyone, including the other code breakers. His regular duties at the University are uninteresting to him and he considers the chores below his intellectual capability. He then obtains a new assignment with William Parker, a mysterious supervisor at the U. S. Department of defense to decipher patterns in newspapers and magazines to help thwart a plot by the Soviet Union. During this assignment, he becomes obsessed with this work and begins to think himself as being pursued when he delivers the results. ...
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