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Community Assessment: Danville Kentucky, Boyle County Name of Course Your Name Name of University Introduction This research is a community assessment project that is aimed at identifying important and significant pointers of a given community in relation to major pointers and indicators about health and social wellbeing.


Although Danville is a relatively small city, it is the main city in the statistical area and has been famous for its historical status as well as the serene atmosphere which makes it a popular destination for retirees. The city’s first settlers moved in around 1783 and it was incorporated in 1787. It is now in the heart of the state of Kentucky and remains a major city in the middle of the state. This paper examines the dynamics of the population and how this affects health and medical practices in the town Community Description This section of the research will focus on the natural resources, transportation and other important features that define Danville Kentucky and the Boyle County in general. This will help to identify the main issues that are principally of importance to the people and can affect their health and social lives. The total area covered by the city of Danville is 15.8 square miles (US Census Bureau, 2011). However, Danville is a predominantly urbanized settlement. Hence, the natural elements of the city are not given so much prominence and significance. The natural features take the center-stage in places outside the city. Danville is bordered by Stanford, Lancaster and Harrodsburg which are less urban settlements in the Boyle County. ...
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